Summer BBQ weather is here and those outdoor grills are firing up! Incidents of grill-caused fires also go up with the summer weather. According to the National Fire Protection Association, outdoor grilling causes an average of 10,200 home fires each year.  The NFPA also says that gas grills are the cause of more home fires than charcoal grills.

Regardless of the type of grill you own or the season you barbecue in, here are 5 BBQ safety tips that will keep your home safe:

  1. Grill in the great outdoors away from structures! Grilling is an outdoor adventure. The NFPA reports that more than 25% of home fires are started by outdoor grills that were used in a courtyard, terrace or patio. 29% started on a balcony or porch. Only set up your grill on a flat surface outside away from any structures and overhanging tree branches.
  2. Give your Grill a Checkup! Before the season’s first barbecue, give your grill a good cleaning and checkup. Keep the grates clean from burnt on food and frequently remove the grease and fat buildup in the tray below the grill. Apply soapy water to the hoses and then turn on the gas to check for leaks on your gas grill. The solution will easily reveal if there is a leak.
  3. Keep your eyes on the Grill! A barbecue is often a social event and the Cook can easily get distracted. Keep kids and pets at a safe distance from the grill and never leave a lit grill unattended. Once a grill is lit, don’t try to move it.  Remember the grill will stay hot for at least an hour after use.  When using a charcoal grill, make sure the coals are cooled completely and dispose of them in a metal bucket or container. We’ve seen hot charcoals smolder and start a fire two days later!
  4. Speaking of Charcoal Grills…Only use charcoal starter fluid when grilling on a charcoal grill. Do not add any starter fluid or other flammable liquids to the fire if the fire starts to go out. Instead of using starter fluid, try using a charcoal chimney starter, which uses newspaper to start the fire as an alternative.
  5. Be Grill-Fire Ready! To control a grease fire on your grill, have baking soda nearby. Never use water to put out a grease fire. For other possible fires, keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of sand next to the grill.

Follow these barbecue safety tips to help keep your family and home safe in any season at the grill!

Even a small fire can have devastating results on your home.  In the unfortunate event of a fire loss at your home or business, call Miller Mitigation at 916-737-8776 for immediate response. We at Miller Mitigation & Restoration have specialized water and fire damage restoration experience.  Our staff is water, smoke & fire certified by the industry standards set by the IICRC.

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