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The Governor of California Jerry Brown has signed an executive order that helps mitigate the danger of wildfires in California. As California recovers from last year’s most destructive wildfire season in the state’s history. It has caused more than $14 billion in damages, Brown calls for fast-tracking forest management procedures. He intends to double the area of forest managed within five years. Brown’s office has confirmed that a Forest Management Task Force will be convened in the weeks to come to help implement the order. Governor’s budget revision for May includes $96 million to support the order, in addition to the $160 million Brown had previously proposed for fire protection and improvement work in the next year. In the past four years California had eight of the worst wildfires in the state history. Those fires included the Northern California fires that claimed the lives of people and destroyed thousands of homes. With the new order things such as reducing dense forests of trees and using controlled fires to burn down thick brush and overgrown vegetation will hep mitigate the fires in local Sacramento Valley and Northern California.

This is a very informative video for anyone in the forest or heavily wooded area that may be threatened by wildfire.

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